Prisoners' Sunday 2016

This year, we mark Prisoners’ Sunday on Sunday 9th October. It is a day to direct our thoughts and prayers to prisoners, their families and their children. Prisoners’ Sunday provides an important opportunity to make a difference and be there for those who most need our support. I ask you to remember in your prayers prisoners and their dependants on October 9th.

The resources here are for the use of parishes, Church groups, schools, and anyone interested. They include homily suggestions, intercessory prayers, children’s liturgy resources, and lesson plans for schools. I ask you to please make use of these resources.

On this occasion I ask you to please pray for all those affected by the the Criminal Justice System, encourage your parishioners to volunteer their time to help those affected – perhaps through one of Pact’s, the SVP, or the Welcome Directory projects.

Yours sincerely,

Bishop Richard Moth

Liaison Bishop for Prisons, Bishop of Arundel & Brighton

  • Parish Resources

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  • Children's Liturgy

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  • School and Youth Group Resources

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  • Case Studies

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