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About BaCC

Coming out of prison can be a frightening and lonely experience. The wish to 'go straight' can be very strong, but often the help and support is simply not there. Many prisoners walk out of the prison gate with no-one to welcome them back into the world - no 'community'. No wonder then that 3 in 5 prisoners are re-convicted within two years of leaving prison.

For this reason, Pact pioneered the Basic Caring Communities (BaCC) project, which helps ex-offenders settle back into the local community.The scheme began at Wandsworth Prison and is now running at Bristol and Brixton prisons. Ultimately, our goal is to see Basic Caring Communities springing up all over the UK. This video focuses on what we do:



What is a BaCC group?

Basic Caring Communities are groups of volunteers who offer daily support to an ex-prisoner, helping him or her to find their feet in the community in the first crucial months after release..

Each BaCC group is made up of four volunteers motivated by their Christian faith, and an ex-offender who has chosen to participate. Comprehensive training is provided for all our Basic Caring Communities volunteers.

The ex-offenders who take part are not required to declare any faith; our purpose is not to preach or convert but to accompany and befriend ex-prisoners who want to make a fresh start and avoid committing further crime.

This is achieved through providing and sharing a warm, human experience of community, including practical help and support.

BaCC groups aim to:

  • enable the ex-offender to avoid re-offending
  • provide a sense of belonging to all involved
  • provide mutual support and accountability to all those taking part
  • encourage each person in the group to develop and grow in their lives
  • be fun, supportive, challenging, encouraging, non-judgemental, unique to the make up of each particular group, potentially life-changing...

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For more information, please contact our Basic Caring Communities team.