Pray For Us

At Pact, our mission is to work alongside the country’s prisoners and their families. As a Christian charity in the Roman Catholic tradition we ask you to please pray for all those who are affected by imprisonment. We ask every individual of faith to please remember us in their prayers.

We ask you to please pray:


Working in prison is both challenging and exciting but sometimes it can feel as if we who work in prisons have got into a rut, into ways of being that are not open to change or as hopeful and imaginative as once they were, the same behaviour bringing the same lack of progress. May all who work in prisons be given new hope and new vision by the power of the Holy Spirit and be led into new and life giving ways of living and working. May they be able to lead others in the same way to a new vision and a living way.

Living God, show to all who work in our prisons your new and living way to live and to work. Restore them with fresh confidence and vision and give to them the grace and energy to share in Christ’s new life and inspire others to follow your way. May they know that they have faithful companions on the way of love and service that leads to new life. Amen 


In prison it is easy to forget that life in jail is not all that there is, there is always more, there are new ways and fresh hopes, routes out of past habits and problems, and into new relationships and patterns of living. May those in prison come to know Christ, have their eyes opened to see new visions and many signs pointing towards a new way of living free from the burdens and failures of the past.

Lord of life, you came and promised abundant life in and through Christ, give to those who are in prison the faith to claim your promises and the trust and confidence to live in the knowledge of your saving grace and your assurance that all can be redeemed. May those who are trapped in their past, weighed down by guilt and sorrow, find true repentance and the strength to turn to you and to follow your new and living way, and bring that new life to others. Amen


May all those who have been the victims of crime and the wrongdoing of others, be comforted and set free from the darkness of past sufferings and pain and be inspired by your Spirit to find and to follow your new way of hope and love, and to see a new vision of their future in your hands

Lord of the journey, Light in all our darkness give to those who have been the victims of others healing and peace, lead them into the ways of wholeness and restoration and give them new joy in the journey. Take from them their fear and fill them with grace and renewed strength to seek and to serve you. Amen


Those who administer justice and serve in our Criminal Justice System, may have lost their way and be worn down and wearied by the weight of criminality and violence they have to deal with. They may no longer have confidence in the work they are called to do or any sense that justice and mercy come from the Lord or they are partners in the shared work of building a just and decent community

God of power and might, of justice and mercy, we pray for all those involved in the administration of the justice system, pour out your Spirit of wisdom and truth on all those who feel that they have lost the way in a system that is under stress and pressure. Renew their vision, build their confidence and give them grace to exercise power and authority in new ways seeking transformation and restoration in the relationships that bind our communities together. Amen


You cannot choose your family, but you can choose your friends, and it is still very hard to stand with those who have victimised others or to be good companions for those who have been the victims of others. May all those who have friends or family members in prison seek new ways of offering support and invitations to changed lives, and in turn be offered renewed strength and vision by others. May those who work to sustain and encourage the victims of crime, as they seek to build new lives, be themselves inspired by fresh visions and new hope - seeking new ways into affirming the future.

Loving God, your son went about healing the sick and comforting those in distress we lift to you the families of both the victims and the perpetrators of crime. Send your Holy Spirit and give to them fresh hopes and visions to work for new, life affirming ways into your future, keep them strong in their commitment and in their love. Amen


In our own lives it is easy to forget that we are all one in Christ, that we are an Easter people, and are called to walk in his new and living way the transformed life of the resurrection within the communities where we live and work. It is hard to struggle with the issues and problems that arise for the victims of crime and to be a part of their restoration and support. It is also hard to welcome and support ex-prisoners to know what they have done yet not hold their past lives against them. We need God’s strength and to be able to see as God sees if we are to walk in God’s new and living way.

Lord God, maker and ruler of all things, all of us can be narrow minded and short sighted and miss the new and living way that leads to eternal life. Open our eyes, give us your vision and help us to recognise one another as brothers and sisters, made in your image, companions on the journey, inspire us and renew us, support and sustain us as we seek and find the new and living way that leads us to your perfect and eternal kingdom. Amen